Juicy Is Here

Juicy Is Here...no really...that is the name of the company that makes course grained lip scrubs that work on the most stubborn dry lips.  we...

Shipping Rates

One of the biggest challenges we have is being able to price shipping when the shipping carriers price their shipping based on dimensional weight (DIM...

Five Reasons to go Green
Safety is always a top priority when we think of our families, workplaces, vehicles, and homes, but why does environmental protection often come in last? Earth is our home, and as far as the experts know, it's the only one we have.
Tips for using Plastic
Let's face the facts, plastic has many uses in today's society, and while the majority of us know that plastic is terrible for the environment and detrimental to our health, removing it from our lives is hard to do and will take time. So, rather than bury our heads in the sand, let us look at some fundamental ways that we can reduce the risks associated with using it:
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